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14-Aug-2020 08:46

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And the mere physical act of sex perhaps becomes a lot harder if you use a wheelchair.

For starters, one could petition for radical change at a government level. The Netherlands has a range of social subsidies for people with disabilities, including a grant that gives them up to 12 sex worker visits a year.

Hell, sometimes you have to write for a shitty student magazine just to force people to interact with you.

Living with a disability makes all this so much harder, often isolating individuals who are among society’s most vulnerable. Think about it – plenty of people don’t have sex: St Margaret’s residents, members of youth political parties, people that use Snapchat filters. And they’re all reasonably happy, well-functioning members of society (OK, ‘happy’ is a bit of a stretch for St.

If you’re unable to chase someone, often that leaves you exposed to people taking from you, both literally and metaphorically.

Sometimes it can feel like the whole world is against’s not uncommon for sex workers to have clients with disabilities.”These clients are people like Mc Alpine, who currently feel placed in an extremely vulnerable situation.

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