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16-Apr-2020 09:35

I personally think that he has been somewhat brainwashed into being anti-Catholic. Replace the words "Catholic" with "my family" in the posts above. I've seen these threads over and over and over and over boyfriend just does not want anything to do with Catholic church. Your new boyfriend with whom you already have arguments with is anti-Catholic, doesn't practise his faith anyway and can't respect your beliefs? You will start defending him, making excuses for him, tell us that you're making progress, and in 6 months you'll come back here and tell us it didn't work out :o Save the heartbreak, you deserve a man who is strong in his faith who will bring you closer to Christ and His Church. Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus, and does he too? I have read many posts regarding dating/marrying a non-Catholic, and it does seem that is a lot of work.Most say to not pursue it, and just find someone that shares your faith. At the same time, I respect all people and their beliefs.But the difficulties of mixed marriages must not be underestimated.They arise from the fact that the separation of Christians has not yet been overcome.Besides the conflict on religion, we get along really well and agree on pretty much everything else.

He is a good man, he believes in God, he treats me well, and I know he would make a great husband and father.

Some in my family are open to my faith, speak well of the Pope, read with interest and pleasure the books I recommend, and others are uninterested or wish to stay in their prejudices. I married a non-Catholic Christian, but he was always willing to listen to my point of view, and often agreed with me, or changed his mind after I explained things my way.

I was not too concerned about his non-Catholicism when we married, because he went through Catholic premarital counselling, was interviewed by our Priest and understood exactly what to expect in a marriage to a Catholic woman.

Truly ask Jesus to guide you through this time of temptation. I will pray for you, my sister in Christ.:signofcross: I love my church My boyfriend is Lutheran, but is not as involved in his church.

We are still in the early stages in our relationship, He is totally against Catholicism for him and our future children. Would you still want to bring children into the world with this guy? I'm sure this guy is very nice, but he's not for you.

I suggested to him that he should be open-minded and not shut out Catholicism as an option, just as I am being open to learning about his Lutheran faith.