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It was first adopted for use in military bands and soon became a popular instrument played in a concert band and in chamber music.

Chamber music is a type of music played by a group of small instruments - ones that usually can fit into a small room or chamber.

The Alto Saxophone is easy to play and therefore used to train beginners.

The Soprano plays the highest pitch among all saxophones and is also often played in jazz bands.

After receiving some notoriety with Surgical Steel, Martin was discovered by Gilbert and Mike Varney and recruited to become the vocalist in Racer X.

Though he did not relocate to Los Angeles initially, he was an active part of the writing process for Street Lethal; Paul Gilbert would send him tapes of the compositions, and Martin would write lyrics and record vocals before sending them back.

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Jeff Martin is an American vocalist, drummer, and member of Racer X.Martin has also worked with the 2008 X Factor winner, Alexandra Burke.