Maryse dating ted dibiase

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" Kelly Kelly smiled back as the fans went back with smiles on their faces when they met the two superstars."Awesome! ""Let's go to the arcade." Cody said as he held Kelly Kelly's hand in going to the arcade. The arcade players stopped what they were doing and went to watch Cody and Kelly Kelly play DDR. Kelly Kelly wins the game."So Cody, you will treat me today! Cody and Kelly Kelly granted their wish."Thanks everyone! They entered together and ordered the ice cream of their choice."Welcome to Häagen-Dazs Mr. Blank.""I'll have Chocolate Decadence please." Kelly Kelly said. ""Miss I'll have Belgian Chocolate." Cody said to the lady cashier as he pays the amount asked for. "We are now here at the mall, so what we will do first? They played the game and their points are not that far to reach the other. The arcade players were cheering for them and one fan asked them to take group picture with them. As Cody and Kelly Kelly were looking for a place to eat, Cody suggested that he will treat Kelly Kelly to Häagen-Dazs, a famous ice cream shop. Enjoy""Thanks" they replied together as they went to their seat and eat their ice cream."Cody, Its so nice of you to treat me here at Häagen-Dazs. ""And I am happy that the fans are supporting us." Kelly Kelly winked at Cody. " The arcade players waved their hands as they bid farewell to the two superstars. "Mmmm its so sweet.""I'll try your Belgian Chocolate this time." Kelly Kelly did the same. " Cody replied as he gets some Chocolate Decadence from Kelly Kelly. ""Shop for new clothes, accessories, shoes and more! " Kelly Kelly said and all of a sudden her phone beeps. "For a second Cody.""Cody, Maryse texted me that Ted will introduce her to his family. Meanwhile in the kitchen..."Do you think Ted will tell us if Maryse is already his girlfriend? "Or he might just admit everything if he's going to marry her in the future?! She knew that their date is early so she decided not to eat, and hurriedly went outside when she sees Cody waiting for her."Hi Cody! They see some fans walking towards them, asking for autographs and take pictures with them."Here you go." They said to the fans."Can we take a picture with you? When they started to play the said game, they gained the attention of the other people in the arcade and recognized them."Hey guys its Cody Rhodes and Kelly Kelly from WWE! Di Biase stays in control with holds and a drop kick, then a neckbreaker. Ziggler keeps yelling at the crowd to not cheer for Bryan, and R-Truth tries to start a Daniel Bryan chant.Di Biase throws Bryan outside the ring, and comes off the apron with a double axe-handle, then puts Bryan into the barricade.

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"Just tell us if its official.""Hey stop teasing Maryse alright?! "And guess what, your brother wants some retribution for me. I need to go back now, Take care of yourself." Ted replied as he quickly kissed Maryse's lips. "She was excited to meet her future family.""Really?! It turned out to be Ted."Maryse you look great today! ""Trust me, I will." Maryse was very sincere with her words. Someone knocks the door after Maryse was done preparing and she quickly ran to the door. "Just a reminder my dear, promise me that you will always be there for my son, alright? said, "No thanks, I'm full already."So Ted, Maryse along with Mike and Brett were in the living room and started to eat."Hmmmm... But Maryse was able to answer it straight."Yes." Maryse smirked back. After a while they finished eating, and Ted told Maryse that he will accompany her to go home."Hey, I'll accompany Maryse to her home." Ted said as he bids farewell to his brothers. Bryan with a monkey flip, then a Le Bell Lock attempt, but Di Biase gets to the ropes before Bryan applies it. Back from commercial, Di Biase has Bryan in the coner, but Bryan reverses and kicks Di Biase in the corner. Di Biase sidesteps a drop kick in the corner, then mounts Bryan and starts with the Orton-like stomps and knee drops.

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Ziggler is running down Bryan on the mic, saying that he's a vegan and telling the crowd to not clap for him.

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