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05-Jan-2020 16:26

On Thursday, July 8, Lauren opened up to dating experts Paul C Brunson and Anna Williamson about being given up by her mum at the age of four.Prior to that, Lauren had viewers in hysterics at her reaction when her date - a builder called Mike - rated her a four out of ten. I'm a ten mate." Lauren, 32, who rose to fame as Mark Wright's girlfriend on TOWIE, is looking for love after saying she regrets spending too much time on her jailbird ex-Joey Morrison.Throughout the date, he talked over Chiara, accused her of fancying a waiter and also blamed his ex Dani Dyer - who he won Love Island 2018 with - for their split.

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But the pair are thought to have called it quits after they unfollowed each other on Instagram and Megan was spotted crying in the wake of the supposed split.

This would mean that season three will air significantly later than previous seasons, but considering the show has always had a major horror vibe, an autumn debut could add viewers – especially as season three looks set to be the darkest yet.