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It’s shocking how bold they are that they wouldn’t be afraid of consequences.”“That was a few years ago with Ellen Pao’s case, and with the recent Susan Fowler story about sexual discrimination at Uber, and then a few other stories around Binary Capital, more and more women have the courage to speak up about it, because it was for the longest time a very controversial topic.“I had just moved to Malaysia from San Francisco to take on this very public position as CEO of a government agency that was given m [£23m] to start accelerators and programmes to encourage entrepreneurs in South East Asia.“I showed him the way out and on the way out, he backed me up against the wall and moved forward to kiss me… Thank goodness I didn’t drink that much and I pushed him away and I opened the door and made sure he was out.“He had a deal looming over us and if I were to speak up about him then it might compromise the accelerator and that wasn’t even for me, it was for the region, and I felt like I couldn’t report him because the whole region would not get the benefits of the accelerator just because of that night.”“If I had told him how angry I was at the time he might have pulled the deal off…

you know now looking back, I’m angry that even though I was mad at him I couldn’t tell him that and that’s just not a good memory.“But in my post, when I retold my account of what happened, I urged women to write down a full account of what happened (that night), email it to themselves right away so they have a timestamp and they remember what happened, or email it to your best friend, your mum, and when you’re comfortable email it to him, so he knows that what he did was not OK, and that you’re hurt.“At that time, I was in Malaysia, I wasn’t familiar with the law in Malaysia for sexual harassment, I frankly didn’t have time to look it up, I couldn’t go through all that – I was CEO of a m company, I just couldn’t at the time.“I’m in a different position, I’ve done previous work before, I’ve had publicity online for other good things I’ve done, so I know my record goes far beyond this and I certainly don’t need the publicity for this for myself.“In my post I offer a way to categorise the level of harassment or assault.

I’ve heard about it from my friends.“But why it seems like it’s only in the tech world is that we are more vocal as entrepreneurs and we’re more social and we have a more transparent company culture – people are more willing to speak up and there are more platforms and support groups for us to do such a thing.“We want to be very open with our community about what we’re trying to do to make sure that Facebook is a really hostile environment for terror groups,” Monika Bickert, director of global policy management at Facebook, told the BBC.

One of the major challenges in automating the process is the risk of taking down material relating to terrorism but not actually supporting it – such as news articles referring to an IS propaganda video that might feature its text or images.

“Deloitte remains deeply committed to ensuring that its cyber-security defences are best in class, to investing heavily in protecting confidential information and to continually reviewing and enhancing cyber-security,” it said.“Home security is an vital part of smart home market and is already a very competitive market segment comprising of established players as well as other smart device players,” said Dinesh Kithany from the IHS Technology consultancy.

Applications that other countries soon might find themselves buying from China. It means you have to think really fast to figure it out as you try endless combinations of long, numeric keys.