Msexchangeadtopology when updating security for a remote procedure call

14-Nov-2019 01:27

I found myself using my android less for phone-like activities and more for just catching up on my “Draw Something” games.

I ended up finding the best solution to get me out of my Android mindset. With a special on the Lumia 900 for .00 with a .00 rebate in new 2 year contracts it was the perfect opportunity to try it and lets the cards fall where they may.

Every time I plug in the phone to charge it has to force close some form of tethering app that I have never used nor do I pay for on my cellular plan.

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Using one of these phones was a delight, I was able to see the transition from the 7.0 to 7.5 software and the notable advances that were being made.I can honestly say for a phone I was plain bored with it. It’s simple, I am using it every waking minute of the day.