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12-Nov-2020 16:42

we would definitely like to keep adding pets allowed on the account, i cant give you an exact time table for it but its possible.

The Legends and Letters staff members The Claymaker and Pactian Darcsable have been posting periodically over the past two weeks as well, mostly responding to player suggestions including: - Making energy granting smoothies more accessible - Making purple chests more accessible - Expanding the selection of wearables in the app's Gem Store - Adding sort options to the Card Inventory - Increasing board size - Fixing the error where daily quests refreshing doesn't work correctly - Releasing more Neopet Leaders in the future The Claymaker also addressed the form the account linking will take once it is released in the app: just to clarify, the Link feature would allow players to claim bonus reward items from some Legends & letters events & game modes for their linked site account .

Hello, first and foremost thank you for all that you do!

Secondly, I know there have been updates periodically regarding Key Quest and its future plans, but is there any way we can get more information?

we could try, unfortunately that will make it easier for cheaters as well so we'd have to be very careful how we did this.

Why can’t my baby floatsam wear the item “Bubbles in the Lake”?

It does not appear as an option, but it does appear for my maraquan gelert. Or maybe official Neopets browser addons like the Shop Wizard?

I miss then, is there a way you can reintroduce them to the site?

Also, can you include us in NC item planning, or consider reaching out to us for ideas and requests in regards to NC?Will we ever have access to the Almost Abandoned Attic again?