Network threat protection not updating

12-Aug-2020 14:44

It's probably not well suited for smaller environments that may be using older machines as it seems to take up a lot of resources to scan and run.Symantec Endpoint Protection provides complete endpoint protection for enterprise Windows desktops.Symantec Endpoint Protection is used as an MFA (multi-factor authentication) required by our credit card company, Key Bank.They forwarded the link to it to us and we have to use it to access our account online.

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We currently use it on all PCs between two different locations as a preventative measure to protect our network.It includes data loss prevention software, prevents unapproved programs from running, and even applies firewall policies that block network traffic if needed.By far, Symantec Endpoint Protection is a very complete security software.Symantec Endpoint Protection is used to track the entire company globally.

It is installed and configured on the server, where updates and settings are sent to all computers that are in the corporate domain.I feel it works great as a form of multi-factor authentication.