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They are usually brunette beauties with all different sorts of locks ranging from curly to straight.Black girls on cam sites are a whole lot of fun to play with. When I’m through with my research and observations, I will let you know. Throughout the weekend, I had fun chatting with betty and also, bimpe never ceased to initiate romantic chats with me, she will tell me how she missed me, how she also think about me and the likes.. I woke up early, I took my bath, I wore my already ironed cloths, I took my credentials and went straight to the bank. At 12pm, I received a chat message from bimpe asking me of when she should be coming, I felt so uncomfortable and restless, I wasn’t sure of the decision to take so I called segun to let us chat online. I looked forward and I saw her waving at me through the door. ME: yeah I know, but your attitude of recent is tearing me apart. BETTY: daddy just called me this afternoon that he wanted to see me this weekend and its very urgent. ME: haa, its long ooo, I will miss you so much, how will I cope without having you around me? BETTY: I haven’t told him anything about you yet, let me do that first when I get to abuja, after that, I can now do the introduction. We continued talking for about 5 minutes more before I ended the call. And also, she said she would be travelling to abuja to visit her father. The following week, I resumed back to the bank and continued with my project and working well to meet up with the daily targets and to also get along with funmilayo my boss whom I stayed at her entrance. BETTY: yes dear, I will definitely miss you honey ME: sweetheart, I will miss you more. BETTY: don’t worry dear, I will be back soonest ME: when will you be back? I asked you what was going on and you told me you have been handled over to your the son of your father’s friend for marriage. After waiting for about 4 minutes without response, I decided to call her om phone. ME: ok dear *****what could this girl want to tell me? ” filled my heart and I couldn’t concentrate on anything. At around 10am, I got an envelope on the notification of my system. ” People began to ask me several questions and I told them that she sent for me to come and eat lunch with her in her office, I became a celebrity instantly as it turned to a topic of discussion till the end of the day. I heard my shower and had a chat with bimpe and betty at the same time.

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They often have beautiful and unique hair, big booties and nice curves that will stun any guy.Sign up now for FREE access to Nigeria's hottest black single girls and single guys online!There are some stereotypes about ebony women that make them so desirable.Everyone got a chair to seat on, people who knew one another were socialising while I was just looking at people because I have no one to relate with. BIMPE: onihaxy, please, I’m begging you, I need to see you. BIMPE: ok dear, if that is what will make you happy, I will try my best to control my feelings, all I wanted is your happiness, but on one condition. BIMPE: you will not avoid me again and you won’t be harsh on me again. BIMPE: that will be nice, which area are you getting the apartment ME: somewhere around ilupeju or obanikoro or maryland. BIMPE: ok, her father had a plan of marrying her to his rich friend’s son in Abuja. I got home that evening, I was so restless and uncomfortable, I began to walk to and fro inside the room and flashing back to all what bimpe said in her car. He gave me some steps to follow and put me through on how to handle the situation. The lady at the extreme corner gave me a sign to come with her hand waved at me, As a senior colleague, I obeyed her, stood up and walked up to her. The lady who called me said “nawa oooo, its so rare to see funmilayo stopping by at a junior staff’s desk to chat with him or her, or calling a junior staff to her office for conversation. I was so surprised to see Adebimpe acting like a regular girl from the way she ate, acted, sat, talked and play, she never formed porch or acted in a sophisticated way like a lekki babe. BIMPE: *** mood changed**** so in a nutshell, you are chasing me out in the rain right?

At about 11am, the training/seminar was about to commence. I do shed tears most times you act cold towards me. Although betty was against it at first and that was why she ran away from abuja to lagos, but of recent, betty and the guy has been exchanging romantic call and making some plans. After eating dinner at night, I picked my phone and called betty. Isn’t it the same girl I was told negative things about? Before I reached there, two other ladies there had drew closer as if I was been summoned. even we wey dey her for over two years, she had never acted this way to any of us before”, I just looked her and smile. By the time we were through with the meal, the time was pm and the rain wasn’t slowing down at all. Bimpe walked to the window, peeped through the glass and said “onihaxy!!!! ME: not like that bimpe, I don’t just think its right for you to sleep here, as a matter of fact, its not possible, you have no other choice than to either wait a little minute for the rain to go down.

The training of the first day lasted till about 6pm and I was so tired. ME: adebimpe, its not like that, you know I work in a corporate environment, phones are restricted except during breaks which is an hour break, and at nights when I’m free, you will be with your husband. I sat down on my bed that morning and began to think and make strategies. ME: hello bimpe BIMPE: hi dear, good morning, how was your night? ME: ***silent for a while**** any moment for now BIMPE: ok dear, what will you eat? Just that I’m so surprised how exactly you knew my size”. , and the rain didn’t show any previous sign of falling sha. And right now, your girl is in the same location with your rival and she didn’t return to you for weeks now. ME: ****felt sober**** Adebimpe, don’t scare me please BIMPE: I’m not scaring you onihaxy, I’m just been sincere and real to you. ME: ****sat back on the bed and rest my back against the wall***** ok bimpe, what do you think I can do now? He was the person who helped me when I was in the same situation with you. During my period, every members of Henry’s family were against me and they insisted that henry must not marry me because of one rude girl from a rich family whom they wanted for him. And here I am today, enjoying the fruit of my labour. I looked at her and replied “its still raining, please wait till it reduces a bit”, she didn’t answer me and she walked out of the room in the rain. “And she got this place for me ooo” “And she borrowed me money without collecting it back ooooo” “And she had been nice to me of recent oooo” ” And she is the one fronting to help me get betty back from my rival ooooo” ” Hope I haven’t turned to an ingrate? ME: *** scared and don’t know what to do to the jewelries****.

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