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19-Jan-2020 23:07

The regime preferred they focus on courting the opposite gender rather than examining the causes of their crumbling society.

Therefore, both the people and the regime relaxed their conservative stance on sex and dating.

However, the liberalization of dating culture in North Korea was probably driven by the crises of the 1990’s.

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As a result many resort to dangerous methods of pregnancy termination such as falling down heights or ingesting tuberculosis pills. As a refugee explained, “In middle school, in the age of 16, it is very important for students to have a girlfriend and also participate in the gang fight.” Those that failed to do both were ostracized.Girls learn about sanitation and raising children but are left ignorant about sex.One refugee asserted that, “There are no contraceptives and they have not even heard of a condom.” Pregnancy is grounds for expulsion from school. However, since the 1990’s abortion has become illegal.Kim Il-sung also perhaps inadvertently changed the sexual culture of his country when he remarked, “It is quite distressing that there is a barrier between North and South, why should we have a barrier between men and women?

” This statement led to the integration of single sex schools and other sex segregated institutions, thus creating more opportunities for boys and girls to interact.

Holding hands in public just didn’t seem risqué anymore, considering that prostitutes were openly selling themselves on the street.

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