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Small family sizes and high rates of assimilation and intermarriage mean that fewer Russians identify as Jews.As many as 80% of non-Orthodox Jews in Russia marry non-Jewish spouses.

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Brandeis University Professor Jonathan Sarna recalls visiting Russia in 1986 when Jewish education and practice was brutally suppressed.

Instead of one synagogue, Moscow today is home to about 20 synagogues.

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The iconic Choral Synagogue has been refurbished and attracts scores of worshippers each Shabbat. Petersburg, Jewish life has been revived as well: synagogues, a Jewish Community Center, schools, a Hillel and senior center all educate St. In a city that before 1917 banned Jewish residency, public Shabbat dinners now draw crowds of Jews.

At its opening, Israel’s then-President, Shimon Peres, who was born in Belarus spoke, recalling how “my mother sang to me in Russian, and at the entrance to this museum, memories of my childhood flooded through my mind, and my mother’s voice played in my heart”.