Ora 14402 updating partition

16-Jun-2020 15:39

I came to this page after getting the "ORA-14402: updating partition key column would cause a partition change" error message.

I then tried ALTER TABLE x Yz ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT and, like a miracle, my problems fizzled away!

In my particular case I exported the rows as insert statements, updated the index key field and updated the ID field, and inserted the rows as new rows.

You could then potentially delete the old rows if you have the need or leave them in the old partition.

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I tried looking at the profile password settings, but noth...Now, in Oracle8i, release 8.1 we can:[email protected] CREATE TABLE partitioned 2 ( x int, 3 y int, 4 z DATE 5 ) 6 PARTITION BY RANGE (z) 7 ( 8 PARTITION part_1 VALUES LESS THAN(to_date('01-jan-1995','dd-mon-yyyy')), 9 PARTITION part_2 VALUES LESS THAN(to_date('01-jan-1996','dd-mon-yyyy')) 10 ) 11 ENABLE ROW MOVEMENT 12 /Table created.