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The best bet for the second option is to kill the process and save the OS from crashing.In short, the Out-Of-Memory Killer is the process which is responsible for terminating the application to save the kernel from crashing, as it only kills the application and saves the entire OS from crashing.At times the OS may not have available memory but it will commit the memory to the process, and when the process plans to use the memory, the OS will allocate the committed memory if it is available.The downside of this feature is that the OS will sometimes commit the memory, and at the time of allocation it won’t have available memory to allocate and the system will crash.In most cases, the process/application will request the OS for memory, but it will not use all of the memory that was requested.If the OS allocates memory to all the processes that are requesting memory but doesn’t plan to use it, it will soon run out of memory – and the system will crash.which is a crash due to some bug in the backend server, but this is the least likely reason.

If you want to enable OOM-Killer runtime, then use sysctl command to enable that.

There are some rules badness() function follows for the selection of the process.

After all these checklists, the OOM killer checks the score (oom_score).

As we already mentioned that Linux can overcommit the memory to processes with allocating it, this behavior can be controlled by the Linux kernel setting.

The vm.overcommit_memory is variably used to control this behavior.The processes that are associated with the privileged user have a lower score value and have fewer chances to be killed by OOM.