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By midnight, a smaller second group of around 100 Katipunan soldiers, two of whom were women, under the command of Sancho Valenzuela departed from Santa Mesa, Manila and arrived at Polvorin.

Around in morning of the following day, Bonifacio launched a surprise attack.

The engagement started as early as It was a bloody sight, a one-sided battled, with the mostly bolo-armed Katipunero heroically soldiers fighting the enemy forces in the gallant bid to liberate the country.

It was a resounding, bloody defeat but contrary to exaggerated claims, several hundreds were still left standing and able to escape.

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The Katipuneros then regrouped at Santa Mesa, and decided to courageously engage the arriving Spanish reinforcements and the enemy forces in El Deposito.

In that month of 1896, a Filipino's treachery led to the discovery of Katipunan and on the 30th, the bloody, virtually hand-to-hand (two-part) Battle of Pinaglabanan marked the first major battle of the Philippine Revolution.