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19-May-2020 01:31

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This can be anything from a review for a test, to favorite ed apps, to simply a “how do you do” social exchange. Here’s the How To: 1) To Begin: The entire point of speed dating is to quickly sift sensory input to make a decision on what you do or don’t like within a super fast context.

This forces participants to think and speak concisely and listen with intent.

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However, detailed reflections should be saved for the “smack down” at the end of the session.If you like what you hear a more in depth discussion can be had after the rounds during the “smack down”.Whatever topic you’re covering, keep in mind that your staff or students will be spending approximately 3 minutes per person during the “speed dating” exchange. Speed dating is a setup meant to facilitate a quick exchange of information in order to sift what you like and what you don’t like.First, during most conversations, people like to talk more about themselves than others.

And generally speaking, people tend to talk more than they listen.Let’s assume a positive presupposition: people will like something they hear.