Psp shuts off when updating

16-May-2020 16:26

If you experience something similar, let us know and especially let us know if you managed to find something that works to solve it.

Hello guys, i got a psp 2001 and it was on 5.50 me, i think i made a huge mistake by updating to 6.60 without unistalling the cfw.

If I turn off the console, it stays on a dim black screen, blinking the green light for a long time, forcing me to remove the battery most of the times.

After that, I just gave up and stopped using the psp for a long time, until now. I have removed the pro-c from xmb, in hoping it would uninstall for itself, maybe it was a bad idea.

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So I can't install the new update because my s***ty PS4 won't restart.

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Up from long PSP hack is easy ant always most newest CFW is that same method Grab the 6.61 update from the Play Station site and run it, should update the PSP to 6.61 OFW and remove c IPL if its there. Its as simple as place in PSP/Game/ and running the installer these days.

Since now there is the infinity CFW, I was planning to update it to 6.61 OFW, and install the permanent CFW, since I’ve done it on a 3000 model, that had already 6.61 OFW.

I don’t know, if I should update to 6.61 OFW directly, or do any downgrade first, and if the update would fix the issues I have mentioned above. Thanks Oh ok, but the think is, I've removed c IPL from xmb aswell, but I think I've installed that, years back when I installed 6.60. I'm just looking for some steps to either update to 6.61, or fix this 6.60 and install the CFW to run properly. Infinity CFW is for noperm PSP like 300x-E100x - on 100x-200x (Most mobo) are perm pacth - You haved 5. So simple u are on 6.60 witch CFW - copy OFW Update 6.61 teh install it and then on it Pro-C2 CFW witch c IPL perm pacth option .

And now everytime i load a game or a homebrew it just get stuck in the start screen for a while and then turns off.

There's any way of "cleaning" my psp of any cfw so i can install them again? I`ve installed 6.60ME, everything was going fine (and without plugins) and then my PSP started to reboot again when i loaded games.Nothing is opening, not even the PRO C's fast recovery. I've run the keycleaner and it says that everything is ok.

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