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– Hui composed Wanna One‘s debut track ‘Energetic’ which won lots of awards. – Hui composed one of Kriesha Chu‘s song in her 1st mini album called Like Paradise, together with Flow Blow. – Yeo One, Shinwon, Jinho, Kino, Yuto, and Wooseok were cameos in the drama Age of Youth 2. – Yeo One acted in KBS Musical Drama ‘Chosun Beauty Competition’. – Wooseok, Shinwon, Jinho, Kino, Yeo One, and Yuto were cameos in the drama Age of Youth 2. – Wooseok, Hui and E’Dawn wrote the lyrics for ‘Never’ for Produce 101. (ASC ep 234) – E’Dawn is scared of water because he can’t swim. – E’Dawn becomes a different person when he performs/dances according to Weekly Idol’s Doni and Coni (Weekly Idol ep.

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– Former Company: SM Entertainment – Jinho was the winner of SM Everysing Contest 2008 and Xiumin was in second place. (The Immigration) – Jinho is really good at rapping but doesn’t rap for the group. (The Immigration) – Shinwon has the habit of biting his nails. Yeo One – Yeo One is from Daejeon Gwangyeoksi Central, South Korea. – In Pentagon’s dorm, Yan An & Yeo One share a room. (ASC ep 234) – Yuto is friends with NCT‘s Yuta and was an MC for 10th Anniversary Korean Music Festival in Yokohama with him. – Yuto’s ideal type is someone with short hair, honest and a bright personality. – He can speak Korean, Japanese, English – Education: Hanlim Multi Art High School, Sejong University (dance major) – He was a former trainee of Power Vocal. (Casper Radio) – E’Dawn and Hui formed a subunit with their labelmate Hyuna, called Triple H.

Alcala compiled a collection of more than 1,000 photographs of women and teenage boys, many in sexually explicit poses.

In 2016, he was charged with the 1977 murder of a woman identified in one of his photos.

– Hongseok’s ideal type is someone with similar preferences, someone he can eat with. – E’Dawn joined PSY‘s new label, P NATION on January 25th, 2019.

What if three beautiful, independent women who have the same ex-boyfriend meet and they all happen to still be in love with him?Alcala was paroled after seventeen months, in 1974, under the "indeterminate sentencing" program popular at the time, which allowed parole boards to release offenders as soon as they demonstrated evidence of rehabilitation.

You can select the eye color patterns, age, physique and most importantly, the breast size.… continue reading »

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I feel like television, as it is now, isn’t going to be the same, in a couple of years.… continue reading »

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Instead of being Christine's caring friend, as Meg was in the original story, she now competes for the Phantom's attention and is the de facto main antagonist.… continue reading »

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Taylor told EW: “These songs were half based on what I was going through, but seeing them through a filter.” There are few songs on the album that were inspired by specific scenes in the show.… continue reading »

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As with most Scandinavians, the Swedes are able to converse in good English and communication with your Swedish lover won’t be a problem.… continue reading »

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