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In France, Zagitova ranked first in both segments and scored new junior ladies' records in all categories.

At the Internationaux de France, Zagitova placed fifth in the short program after a fall on her triple lutz and several under-rotation deductions.Previously, in 1998 Lipinski became the first woman to include a triple loop-triple loop combination in her Olympic program.By comparison, Zagitova completed the harder triple lutz-triple loop combination at the 2018 Olympics.Zagitova began her season with a win at the CS Lombardia Trophy, after placing third in the short but first in the free, with a total score of 218.46.

For the 2017–2018 Grand Prix Season, Zagitova was assigned to two events, Cup of China and Internationaux de France.Zagitova took the bronze medal at her JGP event in Slovenia, behind Japanese skaters Rika Kihira and Marin Honda.