Sergei fedorov dating

16-Jan-2020 12:15

A stain on society who claims he is sober now but in the next sentence admits to drinking beer and smoking marijuana.

Yep, I am pretty sure standard protocol at Betty Ford is for former addicts to drink Coors Light and smoke bud regularly.

I couldn’t care less about Justin Verlander’s Cy Young or whether or not the Tigers retire Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammell’s #1 and #3.

But the Fedorov stuff is personal to me and has become my cause célèbre.

To put it mildly, Mc Carty is adamantly against #91 hanging in the rafters of either the JLA or the future home of the franchise (Bankrupt City-Financed by Taxpayer Money Arena at Little Caesar’s Yard).

Now, you might expect some moron Wings fan from Trenton with a sub-75 IQ to have such an uninformed opinion, but not a man who should be thankful to Fedorov for greatly assisting him in obtaining three of his four championship rings. Mc Carty doesn’t have those rings because he had to pawn them off either during his bankruptcy proceedings or for a Texas Hold ‘Em buy-in. Look, I don’t normally care about individual awards, the Hall of Fame or jersey retirements.

If you look who’s up there right now with banners is who should be up there. I think in terms of history of the Red Wings and how it’s presented, you look at the guys who are up there, the Sawchuks, the Delvecchios, the Lindsays, the Howes, the Abels, the Yzermans, the Lidstroms …

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Eviscerating Darren Mc Carty is about as difficult as convincing Scott Anderson to shove a Paczki down his gullet.

This guy has left a tsunami-like level of destruction in his personal life — destroying families in two separate countries — and Greater Media thinks we want to hear his take on ANYTHING? The Wings wouldn’t have won a Cup if not for the brawl versus the Avalanche? The 1998 team was so good that they accomplished the almost impossible feat of going back-to-back. Mc Carty is so deluded, he thinks if the March 26th brawl never occurs, the franchise doesn’t win the title five years later when they employed TWO Hall of Famers (Larionov and Luc Robitaille) on the FOURTH LINE?? A few years ago I was doing Webcast sports shows at UDetroit Cafe when one of the owners approached me about doing a Tigers broadcast with Denny Mc Lain. I mean, the guy ran up ,000 on his wife’s credit card to play poker and then disappeared a few days later.

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