Sex chatrooms for smartphones

17-May-2020 10:58

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But real intimacy takes dedicated work, communication, and play – for any addict it is always going to seem easier to pick up the phone, the computer, or a stranger for instant gratification than struggle with the messy unpredictability of an intimate relationship.

The rewards for that intimate relationship are far greater than you get with sexually addictive behaviors.

It is essential that women in sexual recovery seek out and find the fellowship of other recovering women to share their stories and reduce the stigma of being a woman with this problem.

Part of the problem is that most women don’t identify as having a “sex” problem or sexual addiction.

Alcoholics were assumed to be males, usually found drunk in back-alleys and half-way houses.

How does your current sex life affect your sense of integrity and your own personal values or belief systems?

Have you risked your marriage or primary relationship, your job, or your health in order to maintain access to your sexual activities? If you cannot maintain this commitment to yourself, you may have a problem.

I’ve had brief offline affairs with some of these men. I think I am a sex addict and I really struggle with this. Unfortunately, while our society often rewards men for excessive sexual behavior, it simultaneously punishes and devalues women for the same activities.

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No wonder it is so difficult for women to come forth and admit they have a problem.

Q: My wife caught me several months ago in online cybersex/romantic chats and porn viewing.

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