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When he described his visions, people thought he was insane; for this reason, he was institutionalized for a time.According to several published accounts, one vision that he described repeatedly was considered to be a description of the city and production facilities built 28 years after his death, to be used in World War II.The version recalled by neighbors and relatives has been reported as follows: In the woods, as I lay on the ground and looked up into the sky, there came to me a voice as loud and as sharp as thunder.The voice told me to sleep with my head on the ground for 40 nights and I would be shown visions of what the future holds for this land....The location and low population also helped keep the town a secret, though the population of the settlement grew from about 3,000 in 1942 to about 75,000 by 1945.

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And there will be a city on Black Oak Ridge and the center of authority will be on a spot middle-way between Sevier Tadlock's farm and Joe Pyatt's Place.

A railroad spur will branch off the main L&N line, run down toward Robertsville and then branch off and turn toward Scarborough. Leslie Groves, military head of the Manhattan Project, liked the area for several reasons.

Big engines will dig big ditches, and thousands of people will be running to and fro. In 1942, the United States federal government chose the area as a site for developing materials for the Manhattan Project. Its relatively low population made acquisition affordable, yet the area was accessible by both highway and rail, and utilities such as water and electricity were readily available due to the recent completion of Norris Dam. The new District Engineer Kenneth Nichols had to placate him.

They will be building things, and there will be great noise and confusion and the earth will shake. Finally, the project location was established within a 17-mile-long (27 km) valley. House and dormitory accommodations at the Clinton Engineer Works in Oak Ridge and Hanford Engineer Works in Washington State were basic, with coal rather than oil or electric furnaces.

This feature was linear and partitioned by several ridges, providing natural protection against the spread of disasters at the four major industrial plants—so they wouldn't blow up "like firecrackers on a string." When the Governor of Tennessee Prentice Cooper was officially handed by a junior officer (a lieutenant) the July 1943 presidential proclamation making Oak Ridge a military district not subject to state control, he tore it up and refused to see the MED Engineer, Lt. But they were of a higher standard than Director Groves would have liked, and were better than at Los Alamos.

Some were forced out before they received compensation.

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