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In Crete, there is evidence of ritualized abduction of younger men by older men. In the case of "pederastic eros," the relationships were considered educational above all else.

Plato also theorized that eros could be directed towards mathematics and philosophy, rather than sexuality, in order to harness that driving energy towards improving one's mental and spiritual state.

In Sparta, the need for Spartan citizens was strong, so women were encouraged to bear children to a citizen who would sire well if her own husband proved inadequate.

There she wasn't so much her spouse's property as the state's—as were her children and her husband.

Zeus, angered at the humans, punished them by splitting them in half.

From then on, each half has forever sought out his other half.

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Scholars also continue to debate whether or not erotic love and sexual preferences were considered defining personality categories in ancient Greece.

A citizen of Athens had to make sure all his wife's children were his.

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