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11-Sep-2019 21:35

You gotta be careful with them because they usually get very attached and if you break up it really destroys them.

To me, shy girls are so attractive, I just love how they act and look. Shy girls have lots of interests and it's your job to find out about it. Forget the girls who loudly say they're good at sex and overtly sexual..., it's all bs.

talking about anything just for the sake of talking.. shy girls sexually are ok if the girl texts you a lot but then you chill and she barley talks, I usually call them out on it. if they change sweet if not I say peace out anyone have any experience with dating a shy girl? so i don't really know how to handle it.~~~ Children of seeds: Ng Gi GY ~~~ Adopt, don't shop: https://

and she literally said maybe 2 words the entire time, no joke. i've been hanging out with one recently and she seems to be really into me.. v=p9p Jp MJ0Ix E&t=29s ~~~ Countries for winners and losers: https://

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https:// Be prepared to do majority of the talking and make her comfortable around you ASAP. You will feel like your really carying the conversation.

She might be content letting you dominate communication, where to go and what to do, etc.

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Be on her side instead, especially in those situations.

Ask her things that require her to elaborate and not just yes/no type questions. The trick with these girls is to make them comfortable.

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