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14-Oct-2019 05:15

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The Sims 4 might have toddlers now, but that wasn’t always the case.When it first arrived, toddlers (and pools we might add) weren’t part of the base game.Unfortunately, we're still none the wiser about The Sims 5, because no matter how much we hope and wish for something, it doesn't always happen.EA and developer Maxis have been producing lots of content for The Sims 4 though, including the upcoming Realm of Magic EP, which is Hogwarts for your Sims in all but name, but that doesn't satiate the desire for a fresh slab of base game Sims.Heck, your little ones could ride their bikes to their pals’ houses after school and would have to be back before curfew.The Sims 3 is great for those little touches of real life, after all, what home doesn’t come without a garage and what billionaire pad doesn’t have a collection of supercars - houses in The Sims 4 just don’t feel right without them.

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Or you can head for the shops, discover strange plants in the suburbs or just catch up with a buddy en route as Sims walk the streets and can always been seen going about their everyday lives.You can pick the terrain style, make it more or less hilly and even add in environmental items like electricity pylons, trees and the like in The Sims 2.

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