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“That would help to confirm that the result is reproducible, which is the cornerstone of any scientific claim.”The Al Wusta site in Saudi Arabia is surveyed and mapped.Archaeologists say that modern humans left Africa and lived here at least 85,000 years ago, when the region was a grassland with freshwater lakes and rivers. Team members also unearthed hundreds of animal fossils, including hippopotamuses, antelope and extinct species of African wild cattle.“These animals tell us that when humans were living there, it was not a desert,” said first author Huw Groucutt, an archaeologist at the University of Oxford.

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Scientists say it belonged to a member of the Homo sapiens species who lived about 88,000 years ago.

A report on the work was published Monday in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.“This discovery of the fossil finger bone, for me, is like a dream come true,” said archaeologist Michael Petraglia, the senior author of the study.

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