Southampton ny dating

21-Dec-2019 05:14

Megatrain [19] is a new budget ticket option available up to four times a day on South West Trains' services between London and Southampton.

If booked some time in advance, tickets can be as cheap as £1 one way, but they are more restricted than the regular tickets, and can only be purchased online via the Megatrain website or by phone.

From the airport, bus U1C goes to the centre for £2 (£1 for those under 16); a day pass is £3.50.[9] The alternative is to use one of the London airports and travel on to Southampton by rail, car or bus: Wikitravel has a guide to Rail travel in the United Kingdom.

Southampton's main station is Southampton Central, on the north-west edge of the city centre.

Cross Country [17] run longer distance services from the north of England via Birmingham and Reading.

First Great Western [18] runs services from Cardiff, Bristol and Bath via Salisbury.

Southampton has grown rapidly in the past 30 years, becoming one of the twenty largest cities in England.

The two universities (Solent University and University of Southampton) give it a large student population in term time.

Subzero temperatures do occasionally occur but recordings below -5°C (23°F) aren't common.

Southampton is one of the warmest and sunniest cities in the United Kingdom, mainly due to its southerly, low-lying and sheltered location.

Winters in Southampton are similar to those found in other cities along the English Channel (e.g Brighton and Bournemouth), meaning damp and rainy weather but not cold.

Local rail connections to nearby towns are described at Three Rivers Rail Train times can be found on National Rail [20] or by calling 08457 48 49 50 from anywhere in the UK. The M27 leads west towards Bournemouth and the West Country, and east along the coast towards Brighton and the rest of the south of England.

Car parking is relatively easy with many pay and display places in the city centre.There are a number of free 2hr car parks too, and if you stray a little further away you can find free parking on the streets.

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