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In another, he stopped Phoebe from performing her songs in the coffee house.Maybe he had valid reasons for both circumstances, but what was the point in the grand scheme of things?He would wine and dine them, but after doing the deed, he’d never call them again.When we met his dad, however, it was clear that the apple didn’t fall too far from the family tree.Afterwards, he basically disappeared without so much as a mention.Given that he was so authoritative during those brief moments, it’s strange that he wasn’t significant to the coffee shop in any way.This one isn’t so much about the character as it is about the actor who portrayed him.Ryan was merely a sailor who enjoyed a brief fling with Phoebe, and she seemed more than happy to keep it that way.

The decision to cast Charlie Sheen, given his controversial history, probably isn’t the greatest in the show's history.

is one of the most beloved sitcoms to ever hit the small screen. To this day, the show remains massively popular among fans and is still a regular fixture on television thanks to reruns, as well streaming services like Netflix which has exposed a new generation of fans to the hit series. In addition to the laughs the show provides no matter how many times we watch it, the characters are what brings most of us back.