Taylor swift dating shorter guy

26-Jan-2020 01:51

Though Styles is 13 years younger than Gyllenhaal, the pop star is the spitting image of the older actor in his beanie, jacket, and jeans.On a night out, Styles dressed up and Swift followed suit, matching her look to his—it must be pointed out that they are practically wearing the same boots—and letting fans know that they were a quirky, boho couple.

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In November, this flash-in-the-pan couple was spotted in Brooklyn, and Swift emulated Gyllenhaal's Patagonia-and-a-beanie look with blue jeans and a girly coat, looking more youthful with lighter hair and less makeup.As she circles the globe on some sort of crazed PR tour with her new man, here’s a quick glance back at her ex-boyfriends and her style choices, which are related to each other in such a direct way that it’s kind of astonishing.

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