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A row of small green-lit touch-buttons on either side provide visuals for standby mode, volume up/down, input selection, system status monitoring and menu access.

This last item allows a certain level of programming and feature control such as input nomenclature, turn-on and maximum volume setting, input level matching, display level adjustment and more. A superbly-designed remote control ‘stick’, for lack of a better descriptor, provides standby on/off, input access, muteand, of course, volume control while a neat triangular stand allows table-top operation.

As the model name states, the Diablo 300 is a 300-watt per side Class-A/B DC-coupled amplifier (doubling to 600 watts into 4 ohms and providing 950 watts into 2 ohms).

Its heatsinks span the entire side panel length, and run warmish, indicating a rather high bias scheme, something that adheres to Gryphon’s Class-A amplification ideology as evidenced in its upper-echelon power amplifier offerings.

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And the power supply is rather massive with a large capacitor bank providing a total of 136,000 micro-farads of storage energy, flanking a large custom toroidal transformer.

The front panel is a mix of metal and black acrylic – another Gryphon style trademark – and features a cross panel that houses the large vacuum fluorescent display.

A large numeric display shows the volume setting, which is micro-processor controlled, in fine 43 steps and is flanked by an input selection icon.

Unclipping and dismantling the crate is child’s play and allows easy access to the amplifier inside.

The package includes a nicely bound manual, white gloves to prevent scratching the fascia’s acrylic (this is further protected with a plastic film) and a polishing compound.Further duties have been allotted in order to simplify the signal chain and minimise the box count with a growing number of models now sporting built-in digital-to-analogue converters and high quality phono stages.