Tips for dating a coworker

02-Feb-2020 06:38

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) We spend so much of our time at work that our co-workers often become our closest friends.I am still very close with several people I used to work with (my husband included : P).

I finished Whole30 yesterday and am planning to do a breakdown of what I would eat in a typical day.When Mark and I first started dating, we had to sit down and talk about what would happen if we ever decided to break up.In the first few months of our dating relationship, we sat literal feet away from each other—which could have gotten really uncomfortable really fast if things went south.You may not both work at the same place forever, so it will be good to have other people you can talk to and spend time with if one of you gets another job!

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This should go without saying, but the office is not the place for PDA.

We had both just graduated from college and were in our first jobs in the real world.