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Most of the bargainers said they saved or more, and in the case of cellphone deals and medical fees, more than a quarter saved at least 0." Read the complete text, "For Champions of Haggling, No Price Tag Is Sacred," by clicking here.

Two articles written by Tom Chiarella, a member of the De Pauw faculty since 1988, are among the "40 Film Journalism Must-Reads & Sees of 2007," according to Short End magazine.

We've found five statements that can help you decide for sure whether or not you're in love – the more you agree with, the more likely it is that what you're feeling is the big L. It's wanting to be there for the extraordinary times, sure, but also about giving your partner the freedom to be ordinary and to still matter.

Often, when it's love, celebrating their success will feel as wonderful as celebrating your own – especially if you've been privy to their worries and hopes as they worked towards their goal. As Marriage and Family therapist Sheri Meyers says, ''love is a verb''to be supported when you need it.

'I told the guy, it would really make it worth my while if you could price them like a carton instead of a single pack,' Mr. In exchange, he would come by every week for five packs.

Chiarella, a writer for Esquire magazine and a visiting professor of creative writing at De Pauw University, once researched an article by spending three months trying to haggle for everything from the street vendor's hot dog to gasoline for his car," notes a story in today's . Chiarella, bargaining is not demeaning, but quite the opposite -- a matter of connecting," writes Alina Tugend. "If you make someone feel seen, then you yourself feel seen, and then they want to make a decision in your favor." Tugend notes that Chiarella "had a habit of stopping in a little tobacco store and buying cigarettes for his girlfriend.

Real, lasting love is instead a different kind of thrilling. It can be a tough one to answer definitively as no two definitions of love will ever be identical.

It's not as blind-siding as giddy infatuation but it can be more freeing, more rewarding, and far more sustainable. That said, there are a few tell-tale signs that can help clarify matters for those asking the ''?

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Here's Tom Chiarella on why you can take your little 'man-cession' and shove it right up your ass.

Vitally, it's about not pulling away or hiding when you are feeling vulnerable but, rather, letting your partner see the less-flattering aspects of your life and trusting that they'll still care. You let them into your life (and they include you in theirs) One of the signs that you're in an emotionally unavailable relationship is that one (or both) of you severely compartmentalizes – keeping your relationship in one bubble and family and/or friends in another.

If you've been dating someone for a while and they flat-out refuse to let you meet In contrast, someone in love will gladly introduce their partner to the people that matter because they are ready for their partner to be a significant factor in their life.

'The woman was happy it was my son's birthday,' he said.