Trust issues in the current dating world

11-Jul-2020 05:39

If you hear alarm bells going off in every direction, your trust issues might be taking center stage." Quieting these alarm bells through mindfulness or therapy can help you listen to your intuition a bit better.If you can sense obvious signs of trouble in your relationship, then you're likely in the clear going with your gut."Don’t ignore the red flags you notice in your relationship," relationship therapist and dating coach Irina Baechle, LCSW, tells Bustle.Having difficulties with trust is not a character flaw, and you deserve to be able to feel comfortable with your intuition in relationships.

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"Listen to your gut, but then reality check it with facts," Rev. "[...] Give the other person or situation time to reveal whether they are worthy of your trust or not.

Working through childhood trauma can be a lifetime pursuit.

Unfortunately, trust issues in relationships are one of many obstacles that can come up from unresolved trauma."As a child, if you learned the world was not trustworthy, this will make you less trustworthy of other adults now when you’re dating,," Ziskind says.

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If you're not sure whether you're experiencing a trustworthy gut feeling, or something more complicated, then you may want to ask yourself whether you're feeling urgency, or clarity."When your gut feeling is at play, you feel a certain kind of clarity within your relationship," Mahalli says.

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