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24-Jul-2020 20:01

went viral this week after showing off the worst that Tinder has to offer.

This dude listed his criteria for dating him and that's not even the worst part of his Tinder profile. I get you wanna show off how you don't skip leg day my dude, but why do you look like you just got off the toilet? Now, I can make easy jokes about how Kirk's insecurities stem from having a small penis, but his "bulge" speaks for itself.

There's just a slight catch: not all verified Twitter users are actually famous.

Although Twitter doesn't release official numbers, a report from 2015 claimed out of 150,000 checkmarked profiles, 25 percent belonged to journalists and media personalities.

But a traditional Tinder account is just too basic for the rich and famous (especially if they want to hookup with mutually wealthy people).

Enter Loveflutter "Blue," the latest premium app aimed at celebs -- only this new dating service comes with a twist.

In fact, there's every chance that Blue will never make it to where you live. Not to mention apps such as Raya, Luxy, and The League, which exclusively court rich, famous and educated patrons.

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If a person has so many friends standing up to support them, it could just be because people actually like them. I’m sorry if you think my tone is unpleasant, but don’t I have a right to respond to someone who, literally just above, has, completely out of the blue, subtweeted calling me a ‘twat’ and a ‘bully’?

No, these are called ‘nice people’, ‘kind’, and ‘friends’.

Also imagine thinking that if people come out to support you, they are ‘sycophants’.

He may or may not work at a barbershop or microbrewery judging by his haircut, beard, and terrible tattoos. If his profile picture doesn't make you swoon, his criteria for dating him might just do it. To avoid sounding biased (I clearly am not, duh) I'll let Twitter bring the comedy.

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His main selling points are his apparent racism, his German shepherd dog, and the fact that he only goes to the bathroom to take shirtless selfies. READ ALSO: Instagrammer Has Huge Meltdown After Her Account Is Shut Down Kirk has three rules that you must follow to get with him. As a dude, I feel bad that dudes like this still exist in 2019.All products recommended by Engadget are selected by our editorial team, independent of our parent company. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.

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