Two dissociable updating processes in working memory who is paula abdul dating from ri

30-May-2020 21:02

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Therefore, evidence from intra-individual within-condition correlations that cannot be explained by confounding factors mentioned above will likely provide the most compelling evidence to test whether pupil dilation reflects effort.

This review is structured as follows: The following three sections first provide a brief literature review of studies that have investigated pupil dilation in relation to cognitive control.

Sections are structured along the three domains of cognitive control identified by Miyake et al.

(), discussing pupil dilation in relation to updating, switching, and inhibition respectively.

These sections are followed by a critical evaluation of these findings and describe the underlying neural mechanisms that might underlie pupil dilation and effort.

Finally, implications and directions for future research are discussed.

two dissociable updating processes in working memory-7

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After a few attempts, almost everyone is able to observe the pupillary dilation that accompanies mental effort.” Daniel Kahneman, , page 24.

Gendolla & Richter, ), if anything, effort should be associated with improved, not impaired task performance.