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01-Sep-2020 01:35

While they’re still going strong, they’re not jumping into an engagement before they’re ready.That doesn’t mean that Cassie doesn’t already have a ring in mind, though.Seeing how vaguely has addressed Cassie's current status, her falling for Colton off camera isn't totally unbelievable.But then again, she's definitely driven home the point that she's not the right person for Colton.

Because of his growing love for Cassie, he didn't mind the fact that her dad Matt refused to give him a blessing during her hometown date.

Seeing as Bachelor Nation has two more hours of this to get through, we're definitely in store for a serious twist.

In the March 11 episode's closing moments, Colton spoke about not wanting to say goodbye to Cassie.

This didn't deter Colton from Cassie, but when she learned about her dad's snub the following week, she freaked.

That knowledge plus a surprise visit from Matt fueled Cassie's doubts about possibly getting engaged.Fingers crossed that Bachelor Nation gets some answers ASAP in the rest of the finale!