Updating a lamp dating remy martin decanters

20-Dec-2019 22:31

It was incredibly easy to get good coverage, actually.You can see that after our initial covering, there were only a few little areas that needed extra paint!

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If the original lamp shade cover is a light color, you can draw the design you want on a piece of paper, tape the paper to the inside of the shade and turn on the lamp light for a pattern to trace.What kid wouldn’t want to do something ridiculous like paint their mom’s lampshade?Here’s the trick: When you think it looks good and all the spots are covered, you put the shade back on the lamp, turn it on, and continue painting it until no more light shines through.Creating a new fabric cover is an option to achieve any look you want and will work on nearly any surface.

Lay out the desired fabric with the upper side face-down.

Hard to explain, but I knew exactly how I wanted them to look in my head, okay? But after looking again, I thought, hey, these are kinda cool. To dry brush, I took a small chip brush, dipped it in the white paint, and then blotted most of it off with a paper towel until the brush was almost completely dry.