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Investors who woke up on October 20, 1987, would have been hard-pressed to envision the U.stock market not only posting positive returns for the year (the Dow had been up by as much as 40% year-to-date, prior to the crash) but also returning 371% over the next decade—and 617% by the end of the secular bull market in 1999.By letter dated July 7, 2010, Vincent was allegedly notified by the Missouri Department of Insurance that his professional insurance license had been suspended because of his failure to file a tax return and/or to pay currently due taxes.

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When the arbitration claim was filed, the broker-dealer filed an Amended U5.

For further explanation and examples,, many employees of Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, and similar behemoths found themselves financially underwater, as did their counterparts at regional and indie firms such as LPL or Schwab.

Although the case underscores the how one's history can come back and bite you.

It does seem a bit odd that the U4 and U5 wouldn’t be linked to display the same information, but this a quirk of the CRD system.

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Your former employer will likely file another amended U5 to update the Disclosure Reporting Page (DRP) and report the settlement, but your current employer should also file an amended U4 to report the same information.Many believe that what was thought to be a minor transgression– such as pleading guilty to shoplifting while in college, passing a bad check, being arrested for possessing a small amount of cocaine or declaring bankruptcy many years ago – do not need to be reported.