Updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server Brentus cam4 video

11-Apr-2020 05:11

Printer, email and PDF versions Roles The role(s) administrator are set to be used with the Role Assignment product feature. ) Tokens Problems detected The following tokens or token types are missing required name and/or description information: $info['tokens']['vote_results']['count-vote-cache-id'] $info['tokens']['vote_results']['count-function'] $info['tokens']['vote_results']['average-vote-cache-id'] $info['tokens']['vote_results']['average-function'] $info['tokens']['vote_results']['sum-vote-cache-id'] $info['tokens']['vote_results']['sum-function'] Unicode library PHP Mbstring Extension Update notifications Enabled Upload progress Not enabled Your server is not capable of displaying file upload progress.

Services Authentication Mechanism Enabled for all Endpoints (X) Store settings Store e-mail address has not been set. File upload progress requires an Apache server running PHP with mod_php.

PHP 5.4.6 (more information) PHP extensions Enabled PHP memory limit 512M PHP register globals Disabled Page title version Enabled (page_title table contains 0 rows) (X) Piwik module Not configured Piwik module has not been configured yet.

Please configure its settings from the Piwik settings page.

When glimpsing into the log files (access.log) the following lines are being added a.b.c.d - - [14/Sep/ 0200] "GET /filefield_nginx_progress/408031086 HTTP/1.1" 304 0 "

destination=admin/content" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_8_1) Apple Web Kit/536.25 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/6.0 Safari/536.25" a.b.c.d - - [14/Sep/ 0200] "GET /progress?

Access to Protected Bad Behavior 2.2.10 (X) CTools CSS Cache Unable to create The CTools CSS cache directory, ctools/css could not be created due to a misconfigured files directory.

updating modules and themes requires ftp access to your server-40

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All of the various components are installed and running on one and the very same box--a Mac Mini under Mac OS X 10.8.1.Credit card encryption Credit card data is encrypted during checkout for maximum security.