Updating of security procedures definition

22-Nov-2020 01:35

Transact-SQL stored procedures cannot be modified to be CLR stored procedures and vice versa.If the previous procedure definition was created using WITH ENCRYPTION or WITH RECOMPILE, these options are enabled only if they are included in the ALTER PROCEDURE statement.These areas include: Agencies that are compliant with these Safeguarding requirements have a significant advantage when it comes to integrating security into IT operations.The recommendations outlined here are for all systems that receive, process store or transmit FTI, including Tumbleweed workstations and server, database servers, application servers, file servers, mainframes, routers, switches and firewalls.Requires ALTER PROCEDURE permission on the procedure.You can use one of the following: If you find something outdated or incorrect in this article, such as a step or a code example, please tell us.

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Examples of host configuration compliance tools include Threat Guard Secutor Prime and Mc Afee Policy Auditor.

However, agencies should consider applying the recommendations to all agency IT operations for enhanced security and compliance.