Updating ruby on the mac who is kareem abdul jabbar dating

24-Sep-2019 07:12

Run the following commands to make sure the gem system is up to date and to install the latest version of Bundler:.Rails has quite a number of other gem dependencies so don’t be surprised if you see a lot of gems being installed.I wanted to know if the stable version of mac OS has a higher ruby version than 2.0.0.If you’re using an operating system other than mac OS Sierra 10.12 or mac OS High Sierra 10.13, my friend Chris Oliver has an extensive collection of tutorials on how to install Ruby.You may not need multiple versions right now but as you work on more applications you don’t want to be uninstalling and installing Ruby versions each time to change project.Lets get into the project directory so you don’t need to remember to change the version yourself, very handy!A better alternative to using the system Ruby is to install Ruby with RVM, the Ruby Version Manager.RVM is a tool for installing different versions of Ruby itself.

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After a number of years tweaking and experimenting, what follows is how I setup a Ruby development environment on mac OS.