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04-Feb-2020 18:51

I have found that if the vehicle is travelling fast enough, the APPARENT POSITION can lag significantly lag behind the vehicle’s TRUE POSITION, which on a long, fast carriageway with few exit or junctions, e.g. However, the difference between APPARENT and TRUE POSITION can give a false impression of actual distance when approaching an exit or road junction.

There is a strong tendency to believe the exit or road junction is further away than it actually is.

New Tom Tom navigation systems have a feature called lifetime free map updates, so it’s easy to update your device by simply connecting it to a computer and use Tom Tom own software to transfer newer maps to your gps.

If you own a Tom Tom gps navigator bought a long time ago, the original maps that were installed on device are old and cannot be used efficiently.

Dutch company Tom Tom today announced that it has significantly revamped its i Phone navigation app with several new features, including customizable offline maps with weekly updates, lane guidance, and Car Play support.

The app has also been renamed from Tom Tom GO Mobile to Tom Tom GO Navigation.

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Unfortunately, the i Phone app's route bar is not available on at this time: Hi Dirk, unfortunately, the ® User Interface templates do not allow for the route bar in its current form.

tt Maps can work with Google Earth , so you can import and use Earth’s registered routes in GPS format.

The big downside is that tt Maps doesn’t include turn-by-turn navigation or other complex features.

A Tom Tom navigator with old maps becomes useless and may have a lot of errors.

You can update the maps by accessing the official Tom Tom website, and then download Tom Tom Home app in your laptop or computer.

The offline maps are available on an à-la-carte basis, meaning that users can download maps only for the regions they need to save storage space.