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07-Oct-2019 19:28

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I had a problem with the BLD02 which has Windows Server Technical Preview installed that I have been unable to rectify.

It is likely due to the only version of the preview that is available on Azure being 9841 and most testing likely happening on 9871 which is the latest build. Well I decided to add the OS version as a capability.

I am sure that there will be more capabilities added dynamically later, and when a cross-platform agent becomes available you can imagine it detecting things like OSX version or Java folder paths.

I have two agents above and only one of them works.

With the current incarnation of Build v Next only available on VSO and at the moment only for early adopters you may see the tab in VSO or you may not.

If you don’t, then hang tight and it will be along in a bit.

Specifically, turn OFF Wi Fi and turn off Power Saving. 3: In Settings (swipe down from the top) ensure SYNC is turned on 4: Press an hold SYNC, and ensure your MICROSOFT EXCHANGE ACTIVESYNC or other email account is included in the Accounts to Sync list 5: Ensure your email account is included in the ACCOUNTS list Perhaps the sync is working but you have email NOTIFICATIONS turned off.

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Note that this does not specify the version of the tool, just the tool itself.

The current build system that shipped in TFS 2005 and has continued through to TFS 2013 and VSO has a tagging system for build agents. I think that this terminology is a little more specific to the task and make a lot more sense in the context. Well, when you register a build agent you don’t get to configure any of that stuff.

You have a Controller that can have many agents attached. You need to go to the Build v Next tab in the administration section of your server and select an agent.

I would have liked for the agent to detect this but it is not currently listed.

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BLD01 is Server 2012 R2 and I want to be able to target builds only to that, or other working, agents.

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