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A young boy, who walked with several of us in a group after school, almost got into a strangers car, a man, one afternoon, and thankfully many of us kids stopped him.

This film is really steep for kids to see, and I’m glad I never saw it until now (and I’m 55).

Most predators like to dig around the perimeter of a game bird flight pen.

These types of predators, including rodents and mink, can be easily thwarted by employing galvanized hardware cloth.

100% WERE SHOCKED BY THE GRAPHIC SCENES AT THE END. It didn't show what police and those in law enforcement every day.

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The sister company of Oakwood Game Farm, Nite Guard Solar, supplies predator deterrent lights that scare away ground and aerial predators with an aggressive flashing red light that mimics the “eye” of a larger predator or a human.

We provide more useful tips on how to build a game bird flight pen on our Tips for Raising page.