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12-Oct-2020 18:37

That might be the reason, she uses the surnames of both of her parents now and then. When the New York native Tiffany revealed on the episode of VH1's The rumors of Tiffany being pregnant got even more excited when she posted a picture of herself holding a baby and feeding milk from the bottle.Talking about her education, the 37 years of age Tiffany, with a height of 5 feet and 6 inches, attended John F. However, it is still yet to be known if she is pregnant and has a kid.Is it just me but the sight of her and her nasty mouth kissing all over some poor man face make me sick to my stomach! So don't get caught up in the hype of is the reality love.... The only reason New York picked Tailor Made is because he have money.All I have to say is that everyone can say what they want about not wanting to see Tiffany AKA New York again, but like me, you watched it week by week to see the tom foolery she would invoke inclusive of va ja jay spottings, ignorant use of the english language and etc. Can't say I LOVE NEW YORK, but her show was quite entertaining. Tailor made is nothing but a little bi*** who is going to do everything that NY tells him to do.Patrick Hunter "Tango" was the first season winner while George Weisgerber "Tailor Made" was the season two winner.

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I fill real sorry for Tailor Made because he really doesn't know what he's getting himself into. Tiffany Pollard isn't even her real name nor is sister Patterson who plays her TV mother even related. Running around Hollywood looking like SHEMS (she-males).Oh gosh I just had a flash back when he spit in dudes face and was bout to jump through the wall. I think he will treat her right, or any woman for that matter. Taylor Made has objectified her; he is not in live with her. She couldn't deal with someone who was not going to stand for her tomfoolery. I cannot believe that people are watching this show (don't get me wrong, I watch it too! This girl Tiffany, huh, is boosting her career as well. Now Budda aka Ezra, this ish is JUST ANOTHER NOTCH IN HIS RESUME'.

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