Who is mick jagger dating

24-Aug-2020 11:23

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Probably the most famous of Mick Jagger’s eight children is Georgia May.Known as a high-profile model and having a circle of celebrity friends, Georgia is more in the public eye than her other siblings.In addition, she has also designed fashion collections with fashion brands, Volcom and Mulberry.Georgia caused a stir when she criticized the modeling world for hiring people based on their online popularity, despite having an Instagram following of 825,000, saying it “doesn’t really make sense.” Georgia is said to be dating her brother James’ bandmate, DJ Josh Mc Lellan-Ludlow.Before her death she had lived in Chelsea, London, and spent her winters living in Jamaica.

She has since gone on to travel globally to work with organizations and campaigns she feels are important in helping social action.

Additionally, she remarried after her divorce from Jagger and has been married to media mogul Rupert Murdoch since 2016.