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08-Jul-2020 09:22

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Kwak: I watched every episode twice and Leonard’s held up the best.(I love his listening face, and date for date, his candidates were the most interesting.) However, don’t sleep on Sarah’s episode—she kept it entertaining.Plus: Tiffany, the lip-smacking Jersey girl, deserves to be in prison for her crimes against eating in public.Mc Hugh: The first episode, because the dude was boring and the story that the woman he chose told about developing a “12 pack” was horrible, and perhaps mostly because I didn’t know what I was in for when I turned the show on and was unprepared for how uncomfortable it made me.

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Props to Netflix for seeking a subject like Lenny and treating him and his dates with dignity and respect.

Rodger Sherman: Every waiter/bartender/ice cream truck operator who served the contestants showed tremendous restraint by not saying, “Hey, that’s not what you ordered the last four nights on your other four dates with four other people!

Same shirt, though.” Noah Malale: My primary takeaway from watching the episodes is that I’m going to do everything in my power to ensure my fiancée never leaves me.

Bereznak: I wanted to rip my skin off while watching Luke’s episode.

Like so many men who have vaguely lucrative finance and/or real estate jobs in the city, the man clearly thinks moving from Florida to New York is a personality.Dating shows mostly rely on people too young to know that a reality program is unlikely to yield lasting love, and as a result they traffic in clichéd notions about relationships.

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