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The real impact of China’s rise will be felt in Asia, as it is here that Chinese influence is most pronounced and Beijing’s ability to challenge Washington greatest. As China increasingly pursued a hardline nationalist approach to foreign policy based upon bellicose statements and provocative actions, Washington redoubled efforts to signal resolve by expanding its military presence and becoming directly embroiled in maritime disputes.[18] This created the perception in Beijing that U. policy was “gratuitous, expansionist, and threatening,”[19] leading the PRC to become increasingly antagonistic.

China is also helped by American global hegemony, which demands that U. military forces be dispersed around the world while the PLA can focus regionally. This was a problem given the Obama administration’s desire to accommodate China’s rise – the pivot was too aggressive to build comity but too tepid to cow Beijing.

Nevertheless, its rise as a regional hegemon will make conflict in Asia more likely as the U. and China increasingly compete for regional influence. China’s economic growth is staggering, as is the size of its population and total economic output.

Some studies project that China will account for 20% of global GDP and 15% of world trade by 2030, 1.33- and 2-times American levels, respectively.[1] China is already exploiting its substantial economic might to buy influence abroad, using unconditional credit offers to tie countries in Africa and Latin America to its economy.

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