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15-Nov-2019 05:10

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Studies have found that men work more hours than women. By not answering it signals to the caller that you are doing something that is more important than answering their call.

Working long hours for men has become a form of social signaling and of importance in today’s busy culture. Similarly, too busy working to pay the bills or to save up to buy a cool condo in the new trendy neighborhood to date? Work for what you want in life because romance is secondary when there are more pressing matters on men’s minds.

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Men are able to pursue their goals without having someone who they are dating get in the way of their dreams. It is good to have goals in life and another person, especially a romantic relationship, gets in the way of achieving personal goals. This means that single men have to prioritize paying off student or loan debt or a mortgage compared to women.

Single men tend to live in western states such as Colorado, California, and Oregon while single women live in eastern cities such as New York, Washington D. Single men and single women living in different states makes it harder to meet someone for those singles that may want to date.