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This has equipped me to build a magazine ecosystem that includes magazine modules and courses; 101 in print and online as part of an emerging digital network; an array of potential brand extensions; the Cover 2 Cover student magazine association; an annual magazine and digital media conference; and networking opportunities to build on the a student-organized tour of New York companies. First and foremost, it serves as a training ground to help increase media ownership across lines of race, ethnicity and gender in accordance with the university’s push toward entrepreneurship in recent years.

Similarly, it is also helping to diversify staffing and management in magazine publishing, a field that is far less integrated than newspapers, radio and television — so much so that it has traditionally been reluctant to release demographic figures on hiring, retention and promotion.

They must monitor writing and production deadlines, edit various drafts of the story and upload the multimedia package to 101’s website.

This is a real-life assignment that they could expect to carry out on a magazine staff.

28 Creative Works: Special Project Title: 101 Magazine and 101Principal Investigator, Founder and Adviser: Lamb, Yanick Rice Published by Howard University APT Criteria My management, research and development of 101 Magazine meets criteria No. Development or application of technology for communication enterprises or for the educational community, including new and existing websites; regularly maintained and nationally recognized web logs (blogs) and video logs (vlogs)Development and management of meritorious special projects of an academic or professional nature that exceed normal expectations of teaching and/or instruction and supervision of co-curricular programs, and that achieve recognition on Synopsis 101 is a general-interest magazine that knows how to have fun, when to be serious and what it takes to hold the attention of 18 to 29-year-old students who are busy chasing their dreams.

101 has an urban sensibility with a global outlook.

They want more than the standard fare being offered in other magazines targeting them, because there is more to the hip-hop generation than hip-hop, as one student explained.

With his quick shot and playmaking abilitiy, he is a terrific option on the power play. Can be sloppy when it comes to his defensive responsibilities. We also pair editors and reporters across classes to foster peer and experiential learning.